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All Insight Learning workshops are:

  • Highly interactive
  • Research based
  • Exciting skill building and learning opportunities
  • Built on participant experiences and feedback
  • Fun!

We are constantly designing new workshops based on the changing needs of the business environment and our individual clients. We tailor each program's content and design to your unique needs.

Presentation Skills: Speak as Well as you Think

  •  Differentiate from your competitors through clarity and the persuasive nature of your presentations.

Sales Skills: Building Client Relationships for Better Results

  • Provide your sales team with the ability to demonstrate a deeper understanding of their client's needs and drive sales results.

Coaching for Success

  • Train your leaders to deliver feedback and coaching to their people in a way that will enhance motivation, engagement and success.

Handle the Media with Confidence

  • Tell your story to a normally unreachable audience
  • Phrase your corporate viewpoints; condense them to short headlines or “sound bites”
  • Rephrase hostile questions; respond to the issue behind the question
  • Bridge from a negative question to a positive viewpoint
  • Use evidence to add credibility and interest
  • Anticipate and handle whatever might come your way

Negotiation Skills

  • Introduce the planning and interactive skills and methods necessary for both parties to come to a constructive agreement, leaving the relationship strong and intact.

Meeting Facilitation for Success

  • Run a meeting so well your participants will applaud. Learn the process management skills that will ensure your meetings are efficient and impactful.

Networking for Organizational Success

  • Create gifted networkers that can unlock the power of their connections to enhance your organization's success.